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Digital and analog mastering
Reasonable Rates

After the mix is done, mastering is the last step in music production.

(((  A Different Persective  )))
The mixing room only gives one perspective; and the mixers goal was to make the mix sound as good as possible on the speakers in that room.
Mastering is done on full-range speakers in an different listening space giving a different perspective.

((( Objective Evaluation )))
The first listen is important. Not having heard the track many times before removes any bias. Being objective and listening at a uniform level gives a first impression of what direction to take with any subsequent processing.

((( Making Your Track Sound It's Best )))
The goal is to make your track sound it's best on a variety of playback systems.
Mastering typically applies some corrective equalization. If needed, some other processing may be done (de-essing, stereo widening, compression). Limiting is often used to increase the overall level.

((( Quality Takes Time )))
Every project is important.
I will give your project the attention it deserves.

What will it cost?

Mastering of a stereo mix: $55

Full projects cost less per mastered track.
Contact for a quotation.